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There’s a discernible swing to take diet back to basics and top of the list must be sport bars. The Nineties public taste for synthetic-tasting, plastic-smelling and rubbery-feeling slabs of colourant-laden putty of dubious origin is waning and good riddance. Some of the big players have already launched bars and there seems to be plenty of room for the newcomers. Rush Bar are Cape Town-based and their distinguishing mark is that all their bars are handmade. They offer 50g options of 5 raw variants. That means no animal products, not even dairy or eggs and limited heat used in production. Instead, the Training Bar for example is made from raw cacao, maca root, hemp powder, camu camu, cinnamon, ground raw almonds and raw gluten-free rolled oats. On first bite, there’s the definite taste of dates and almonds. If you know the taste of hemp powder, you might just pick it up too. The bars are chewy but not in the sense of toffee, more like muesli grainy-chewy.  Free from preservatives, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and refined sugar. We’re all for the New Age of Bars, hooray.
Deon Braun, Editor of Go Multi
It’s the most winning winner streak in the history of all natural food bars and me, ever. Thought I would actually try them after reading all about what’s in them, for what and when. Really impressed with everything that’s gone into the business and the bars and how they taste- well done!
Stephen Bunyard, Head of Marketing Cyclelab
Since discovering Rush Bars through trail friend Linda Doke, I have used nothing else when out in the mountains. Besides tasting like (and being) real food, it actually works and provides constant and long term energy without any nasty spikes as is the case with sugary foods. No stickiness but also no crumbs. It’s chew able consistency is perfect. I will recommend Rush to any trail runner looking for real benefits from their running nutrition.
Cornel De Jongh, Ultra Runner and Biomedical Engineer
Really put Rush Bars to the test this weekend – 40km yesterday (with 8kg pack, Iceland training) + 30km today (800g pack, World Champs training). Rush Bars kept my energy levels up, they’re great – and not only are they made of only natural ingredients but they’re 100% South African (Capetonian, actually – what could be better!) Best bars I’ve ever had.
Linda Doke, Ultra Runner and Journalist
Many people are looking for the wholefood nutrition your bars provide!!! I have been doing a lot of reading and have been incorporating a lot of Superfoods into my own diet as well as all my nutrition clients and I do feel a difference. I have helped a lady with terrible allergies, lactose intolerance and colon problems to sort out her diet with real food and lots of Superfoods! Races like the Cape Epic have caused a need for something different than energy bars, because no human body can perform on sweets for 8 days of 4 hours and more in the saddle. I have seen many cyclists pull out of that race because of stomach upset or lack of energy. 
Hannele Steyn, ex-Professional Mountain Biker and Lifestyle Consultant
The bars are awesome guys!!!! I ran 30km this morning and they were delicious and energising!! Awesome job!
Werner Daniel, National Sales Manager- Superfoods
Thanks very much for the bars you gave us last weekend. I didn’t eat mine until Wed when I was on the CRAG run. I was feeling shocking on the run; weak, dizzy and exhausted from a mild stomach bug. I felt around for something to give me energy and found your bar. I must say I was really impressed. Easy to eat on the run as it is an easily chewable consistency without crumbling when you open it. The taste is great too. Not too sweet and sickly like most of the other bars. By the end of the run I was feeling reasonably normal again so I am attributing it to the bars. So thanks again. It was a life-saver!
Tim Bellairs, acsis VOB Trail Running
There’s nothing like this on the market! You can just taste it’s all natural!
Dan Hugo, Totalsports XTERRA SA Champion
Bars did not last more than two days….that’s a good sign!!!I think they preferred the Training Bar but both were finished just as quickly in fact I caught some Vivo Team members tucking into them like a lunch box surprise!!!
Stuart Hutcheson, Sales and Marketing Director at Native Sport(PTY)LTD
I did the double Fishermans Trail as a solid training run for Iceland and took along a Rush Endurance bar and man oh man, was it great! The consistency was perfect (firm but not chewy), the taste was great (had a good flavour and wasn’t too sweet), and most importantly, it gave me the energy I needed without spiking my blood sugar – I felt a constant strength of energy. It’s really good stuff!
Linda Doke, Ultra Runner and Journalist
Being totally natural I feel they [Rush Bars] work better during and after events…They taste great too!
Andrew McLean, MTB Master Marathon World Champion
Rush Bars instantly transport me to Boulder in Colorado, where I stand in a Whole Foods aisle with plenty choices for natural, clean super-food snacks. But here I am in Stellenbosch – and can now finally access the same nutrition philosophy here, while buying local, supporting home grown. Rush Bars are pioneering the next frontier of optimal nutrition for us South Africans. The Endurance Bar is real food, honest sports fuel, for me on a ride or between sessions, for the modern man needing to sustain energy on the fly. No refined sugars, gluten free, preservative free. Instead it is loaded with quinoa, hemp, Maca Root, Camu Camu and Spirulina – all renowned super-foods. And those on a base of dates, almonds and brown puffed rice. Perfectly balanced, delicious tasting and a great chewing consistency for during training consumption. I keep my Rush Bars in the freezer – I love that they are more vulnerable being totally “free from”. Not having an unnatural shelf life is to be celebrated. From there to my back pocket and to a trail. Clean body, clean conscious. As an active lifestyle nation we are finally asking more of our food. Rush Bars have answered.
Dan Hugo, Totalsports XTERRA SA Champion
I’ve tried the bars and they are delicious!! The specific ingredients used are also great! I also like the type of packaging & size of the bar for training/racing purposes- easy to tear open with one hand/mouth which is vital when cycling. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to try your great bars!
Vanessa Haywood, Mountain biker, actress, TV presenter & business woman