Ours is a story in which we hope to inspire people to get real and live a life of goodness…

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Why Choose RUSH

RUSH would like to be responsible for influencing people to alter their nutritional intake to raw, natural ingredients that are a healthier alternative to snacks and energy products.


What goes into rush bars

Each RUSH Bar is perfectly hand-crafted with a full list of all natural ingredients to make sure your body gets all the nutrition it needs, whether you are training or racing


RUSH Stockists

RUSH Bars are not only endorsed by many professional athletes, but by a wide range of proud stockists around South Africa. Contact us to become a stockist and part of the RUSH family




Mackenzie Musings: Featherbed Trail Run
Date: 16 Jun 2016
With Knysna Oyster Festival a few weeks away we asked our very own Mountain Goat- Meg Mackenzie- to give us her thoughts on the Featherbed Trail Run taking place on the 5 July 2016 and how to best prepare for it. This is what......

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Brad Weiss: Fighting Fit
Date: 07 Jun 2016
Brad’s path crossed ours almost 2 years ago and from then we’ve been hooked on his journey and so full of admiration for his determination. This is a man who epitomizes discipline, integrity and authenticity and who we are so honoured......

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The real deal
Date: 24 Apr 2016
We felt it important to mark today as the day we sent our baby- RUSH- down the aisle(s) of our first truly national listing. A step that's pretty emotional as we mark possibly the toughest journey we've ever undertaken. A journey......

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The bars are awesome guys!!!! I ran 30km this morning and they were delicious and energising!! Awesome job!
Werner Daniel, National Sales Manager- Superfoods
Easy to eat on the run as it is an easily chewable consistency without crumbling when you open it. The taste is great too.
Tim Bellairs, Acsis VOB Trail Running
There’s nothing like this on the market! You can just taste it’s all natural! Will certainly be using RUSH many times in my future races
Xterra Triathlete